LAST WILDEST PLACE is a collaborative project of photographer and multimedia artist Jason Houston and director of Upper Amazon Conservancy, veteran Amazonian advocate, and writer Chris Fagan. LAST WILDEST PLACE is created to share our unique opportunities to travel in the remote upper Amazon and advocate for informed conversations about its protection. This collection of photographs, writing, audio, video, and participatory media offers up the elements of story in a deconstructed format that helps bring to life the Upper Amazon, and allows the visitor to explore and have their own experiences, ultimately building their own narratives about this amazing, LAST WILDEST PLACE.

Jason and Chris met in 2015 producing a cover story for Science Magazine on isolated indigenous tribes in remote southeastern Peru. They have since traveled together many times deep into the most remote reaches of the Alto Purús region advocating for human rights and protected areas on behalf of the incomparable, world-class cultural and biological diversity that defines this LAST WILDEST PLACE on the planet.

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